Rental/Property Management Service

For 20+ years, Koehler Marvin Realty has been providing full service rental & property management options for investment property owners & landlords. Our quality of service and professional attention to detail allows property owners to achieve a stress free rental income stream. The Koehler Marvin experts offer 2 levels of rental services based on your individual needs:

Level 1 Service (One-Time Rental)

  • Rental pricing based on local current rental market
  • Advice on how to obtain the highest possible rent for your property
  • Advertising via internet and multiple listing services
  • Processing applications, screening (Includes credit & eviction reports)
  • Coordinate and schedule showings of the property to potential tenants
  • Lease preparation and lease execution facilitation

Fee for Level 1 Service: First month's rent

Level 2 Service (Property Management)

Level 2 Service includes all the services of Level 1 plus the following:

  • Collect all rents and additional charges (late fees, bounced checks fees)
  • Collect and account for security deposits in accordance with applicable state law
  • Write and amend leases on behalf of Owner
  • Renew leases on behalf of Owner
  • Execute and terminate leases on behalf of Owner
  • Negotiate and settle disputes with tenant
  • Institute legal proceedings and carry out eviction proceedings against a tenant before a magisterial district justice
  • Make inspections the property broker feels necessary and report the condition of the property to the Owner
  • Contract for the performance of maintanence
  • Keep and use lock boxes; copy, hold, and distribute keys and change locks
  • Screen, approve, and deny potential tenants
  • Issue rent payments to the Owner of the property
  • Provide a yearly report of income and expenses for the property

Fee for Level 2 Service: First month's rent plus 15% of each successive month's rent for the full term of the management contract